Treasure Hoard: Living Games Wheeling Around Humans

This month our Treasure Hoard includes a Kickstarter of wishing games, a LARP conference, and a Patreon supporting a creator of diverse and intersectional games. Got something you think would be a good fit for the Treasure Hoard? Email me or ping me on G+.

Meguey Baker has been working on a series of eight short games that tie into the seasons and the stories we tell each other. She's been supporting this work through her Patreon, but now Playing Nature's Year is ready for the public! The Kickstarter is already funded with 12 days to go, and the stretch goals look pretty amazing.

Price: Varies by level you pledge. You get the pdf of all 8 games at the $10 level.

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Living Games is a conference dedicated to bringing the academic theory and actual practice of LARPing together in one space. The organizers are using Kickstarter to help pay for the conference, which includes talks, games, meals, workshops, parties and more aimed at everyone from the casual LARPer to the serious academic. Some of their stretch goals include keynote speakers like Jason Morningstar, and Avonelle Wing, as well as game bundles from Emily Care Boss and Bully Pulpit Games.  

Price: Varies by level you pledge. You can get pdfs of the games at lower levels, while a ticket to the actual conference (which includes 5 meals) is at the $189 level.

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K.N. Granger is a queer radical cis polymath lady who brings that viewpoint to the games she makes. She writes about tabletop role playing games for The Mary Sue when she's not busking. Her game Ghost Ship Enyo got some buzz at this year's Metatopia. Patreons would be supporting a range of activities from writing articles to creating games.

Price: Varies by level you pledge. Backing at even the $1 per month level gives you access to several games, including a Harry Potter fanfiction Fiasco playset and a freeform game based on creepypastas called Waiting for Slenderman.

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Sarah 'Doombringer' Richardson is a graphic artist who illustrates, lays out, and creates tabletop RPGs. She writes for Women Write About Comics and you can hear her on the IGDN podcast, Indie Syndicate. You can see her work at and follow her on Twitter as @scorcha79.