Treasure Hoard: Pain sails the high seas on a wish

Treasure Hoard has a lovely Kickstarter, computer game, and a Patreon for you this time.

Hannah Schaffer, creator of Questlandia, is back with her second game, 14 Days. This is a 2 player RPG about the many ways chronic pain can impact your life. It teaches empathy while telling a story about communicating, and some pledge levels even send a copy to a school, library, or clinic.

Price: Varies by level you pledge. A Print n' Pay version is just $8.

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Herald is a lovely narrative point-and-click video game featuring the art of Aida de Ridder (she's also a co-owner, and Liz is a big fan). The game centers around a steward on a 19th century ship who struggles to take care of his passengers while coming to terms with his mixed heritage. Their devblog discusses many of the issues they're taking into account as they build the game, such as LGBT representation in games. The Kickstarter is over, but they're still taking pledges by Paypal.

Price: Varies by level you pledge. Chapter 1 is €10.

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Meg Baker, creator of games like PSIRun and 1001 Nights, has a Patreon dedicated to a series of little wishing games she's making that are tied to the seasons of the year. It's not too late to sign up to support this endeavor to bring more magic into the world. One of the games is available here.

Price: Varies by level you pledge, which vary between $1 per game, which gets Meg's thanks, to $15 per game, which nets you thanks, all the games, and the chance to play one game with her at a game convention. 

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