Treasure Hoard: Rent werewolves, alive or dead!

Here are some new things, in case your shelves look a tad bare:

Have you seen the amazing games coming out of Avery & Katrina's Rentpunk game jam? Take a look at this beauty, created by Nicole and Gary Winchester. In Learning the Trade: a Game about Making a Living In the Highrises of the City you play a teenager who has either had support from their family cut off, or must now contribute to the household. You choose between legit and sketchy jobs, and use a deck of cards to find out what happens to your character.

Price: Free

Get it (and some other awesome games) here:

Feel like exploring your wild side? Check out Meera Barry's Howl in the Half-Light, created for the Indie Mix-Tape 2 collection. Roll up a werewolf of your very own and play through one of 5 included adventures (that's a whole campaign!)*.

Price: $0 for Meera's game alone, or $9.99 for the whole Indie Mix-Tape 2 collection. Remember, proceeds go to support indie designers facing difficulties due to medical issues or other challenges. 

Get it here: the Indie Mix-Tape 2 is here or download Howl in the Half-Light for free from the link above.

*Meera let me know the correct number of adventures because I apparently can not count.


If you've already backed that one cat card game, but still need to appease our feline overlords (can you ever have enough cat-themed card games?), check out Schrödinger's Cats, a card game about some seriously smart kitties. You can even get a t-shirt, even though you won't know if it's the Alive or Dead version until you open the box. 

Price: Pledging starts at $1, but a physical copy of the game will run you $20.

Back it here:

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