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Quick announcement - we won’t be attending The Loaded Die (TLD) Con this year due primarily to the fact that I’m undergoing more cancer treatment that’s a little more taxing than we originally thought it would be. I need another month or so to get used to it before I do something heavy, and it happens to be a confluence of other events that have left me without a volunteer who could take over. If you were planning on running a game with us, I highly recommend you still go to TLD and run a game. They have a massive board game library, and will be holding the convention in a brewery. It sounds like a ton of fun, and I wish we could make it - hopefully next year will be different!

The two other conventions we have slated for this season are HLG Con in Atlantic City October 12-14, which is being run by our own Ariel Celeste, and U-Con in Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Township November 9-11, where Ariel and I will both be in attendance, along with possibly some other staff members.

HLG Con, October 12 - 14 - Submissions Close October 6th

High Level Games Convention is a brand new convention that will be held October 12 - 14 at Showboat Casino in Atlantic City! They’ve booked some amazing games and LARPs already. Ariel will be bringing our board game library, and we’ll once again be joining forces with Meeple Muse to double the size of the library. It’s highly important you get your event submissions in ASAP!

U-Con, November 9-11 - Submissions Close September 30th

Located at the gorgeous Eagle Crest resort, U-Con will be celebrating their 30th birthday this year, and this will be ConTessa’s third year with the convention. U-Con provides us with a room all our own, as well as clusters of tables all our own in the board game room should we need them. Even if you’ve already submitted an event with U-Con, you can get your game moved into the ConTessa safer space just by letting con staff know through their contact page. You’re also welcome to reserve and check out any of U-Con’s massive board game library to run for a ConTessa event.

U-Con will allow submissions to the end of the month, but we’d really like to have as many in as possible by September 24th (in 4 days).

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Eligibility Requirements

As a reminder, ConTessa leadership positions are open to any person from a historically marginalized background. That includes, but is not limited to: nonbinary people, disabled people, people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ people. You will never be challenged on your eligibility by any official ConTessa representative, and it is against our rules for anyone else to do the same. Should you have any questions about whether or not you belong (the answer is almost always ‘yes’!), feel free to contact us at staff@contessa.rocks!

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