Video Panel: Kids & Gaming! Making and Playing RPGs with The Childrens

Moderator: Shoe Skogen

For many of us, gaming is a big part of our lives. It’s an outlet for creativity, a way to blow off steam after a hard work-day, a prism through which to see things another way. It’s a way to pretend, just for a little while, to be someone else, or to inhabit a bigger, crazier universe. With all the enriching things that RPGs bring to our lives, why wouldn’t we want to share them with the next generation?

This panel will be about making games for – and playing games with – the little’uns in our lives. Not only can kids challenge our preconceptions and keep us on our toes, they can give us a whole new perspective on our games and how we run/play them. We’ll tell some fun stories about games we’ve run with kids, and offer strategies and helpful hints for making games for the younger set. Tune in to get some helpful advice, ask questions, and hear some fun stories.