What We're Playing

We thought you'd like to know a little about our writers, and so here's survey of what we were all playing a little bit ago.

Dungeon World LaTorra & Koebel RNDM Games 2013
Dungeon World LaTorra & Koebel RNDM Games 2013

Sarah, Program Lead aka Herder of Writers

Currently I’m running a Dungeon World campaign online for 5 players. Before we started, I only knew two of them, but now we’re a smoothly thrumming engine of destruction and shenanigans. Last time the entire party faced its biggest challenge when the Ranger was infected by tainted blood and began to turn into a vampire. I just sat back and watched the violence they’d been wielding so effectively turn inwards as they argued over her fate. Luckily the Ranger was cleansed of the infection before she turned completely, so now they can go back to fighting beasties.

Additionally I’m playing in two D&D 5e games, a Changeling game, and an Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea game (although that last one is temporarily on hold), so my gaming life is a little busy right now.

Ariana, Staff Writer

I am in two campaigns, because why have this thing called “free time”? Am I right? This is without including the freestyle roleplay forums I participate in (don’t judge me). I am playing Monsterhearts and Urban Shadows, two very similar games with two very different feels to them.

Urban Shadows  Andrew Medeiros Magpie Games 2015
Urban Shadows Andrew Medeiros Magpie Games 2015

In Monsterhearts I play a Calaca, a happy-go-lucky Mexican goth. While everyone is broody and sad, Luna is gleeful and warm despite her cold bones. The game started with the funeral of her boyfriend, encountering the Ice Queen, giving the Minotaur a milkshake and hoping to goodness that the Mortal gets a grip on himself once and for all.

People are dying left and right! People are making out with the wrong people! Parents are being super creepy! Ahh!

As for Urban Shadows I play the werewolf, Natalie, who is is unlike Luna. Natalie is battling the gentrification happening in her neighborhood. In doing that she has to sell drugs, protect her ground, and push all the bad influences out. This game is darker than Monsterhearts if only because people are actually dependent on you. It’s the politics, you can be selfish or you can help your own.

Natalie owes the debt to the Tainted because she didn’t protect his daughter as she should have. She has a problem with the Aware causing trouble in her territory, and there’s an Oracle saying she’s important.

In the last session the Hunter kicked a demon’s ass and now has control over the Tainted’s debts. Basically it’s going to be an epic game.

Ethel, Staff Writer

Dungeons & Dragons 5e Players Handbook Wizards of the Coast 2014
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Players Handbook Wizards of the Coast 2014

I play in a long-standing Hangouts game group, who are just getting started in a 5e campaign. My character is Laurelia, the ranger half-elf hermit, protector of the relic of her long ago massacred village. How do I like the new D&D? I pretty much lurrve it.

Also dipping my toe into some storygaming for the first time in an Urban Shadows game. As Galina, the gothy, dark, jaded vampire hunter, I ended the last session by finishing off my wounded mentor to gain her power and promptly fo’headed a demon to death. Who says storygaming is all about the feelz?

Other gaming time is spent working on a setting (aka recursion) for a Strange game I am hoping to get up and running in the next few weeks.

Stacy, Staff Writer

Corporia Mark Plemmons Brabblemark Press 2014
Corporia Mark Plemmons Brabblemark Press 2014

I cut down on the games I was running back in February to focus on a job search and the start of a new job. Now, I’m jonesing to be running games again! Right now, it’s a tie between finally getting around to reading and running a Corporia game (I’m a sucker for Arthurian anything), and indulging in nostalgia by running a 5E game mimicking the first game I ever ran. The characters start out as normal people in the modern world, then wake up in Dragonlance setting. Dragonlance has become campy for me, but I think it might be fun to go back just for that reason.

As for playing, my regular Tuesday night group is currently running 5e. I’m playing a wood elf monk named Phydra who used to bounty hunt orcs on her own in the forest, and now is in this strange dungeon with some equally strange people. I was resistant to 5e at first, but I’m really enjoying the system. We got up to 3rd level fairly quickly, and I’ve gotten new things to do and play with at each level so far. It’s rekindled my desire to play (and run) dungeon crawls.

Stephanie, Contributor

Best Friends Gregor Hutton Box Ninja 2006
Best Friends Gregor Hutton Box Ninja 2006

I’m currently playing in Adventurer’s League for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. I organize and sometimes run Hoard of the Dragon Queen on Wednesdays at my FLGS, and play the Expeditions modules on alternating Sundays. My character is a 3rd level paladin of the goddess of love, whose (non-traumatic) background is “I have seen the face of my soul mate, and I am on a quest to find them.” I’m leaving the soul mate’s gender deliberately ambiguous.

I’ve also started an “Indie Game Option” on Wednesday nights, opposite the Encounters tables. When players sign in for D&D Encounters at the store, there’s now a check box on the sign-in sheet, in case they want to sign up for the indie game table. If I have enough players who want to siphon off to play non-D&D role-playing games, we set up a table for the indie game and go. In October, we had Best Friends, a Neither Super Nor Heroic playtest, and Dungeon World. One of my players is only interested in the Indie Games, so he ran 3:16 - Carnage Among the Stars at the end of the month.