What We're Playing

This is a snapshot into the life of gaming women.  You can see our last round up of games we're playing here.

Ari, Staff Writer

We rotate games on a regular basis in my crew of merry bandits. We’re finishing up Tremulus which we finally got the groove for. If you ever want to play something creepy and possibly watch as your character spirals into a slow madness I highly recommend it.

We finished doing Monsterhearts in a theme park! My male teenage werewolf lost all of his teeth to his beloved witch girlfriend, because nothing says love like needing dentures.

We also finished Star Wars World where I played the Gearhead who apparently can’t handle people liking her but cries over giving up her droid. Priorities.

Soon I will be in a regular game of Urban Shadows again where I suspect Ethel will somehow traumatize me in the best way possible. Also I played WITCH made by Liz C., you can watch the video and at some point I flail really hard.


Stacy, Staff Writer

My Precious Dark campaign is well under way! The group just got through the first main cavern, meeting a lot of interesting critters and other sentient things along the way. They’re about ready to spring into a whole new, much larger area. I am waaaay behind in posting updates to ConTessa, but I’m super excited about how well the game’s going. I even spent some time rewriting the mechanics the other day to speed things up.

I’m running a Werewolf: the Apocalypse one-shot twice for the upcoming ConTessa game weekend. It’s based on the world that Patricia Briggs created in her Mercy Thompson series of paranormal romance books, and set in my hometown of Bellingham, Washington. I’m throwing out all of the background, world, and mythology that makes up W:tA, and substituting it with Patricia’s world, then just using the mechanics from W:tA for the gameplay.

I’m super excited, but the game is just a week away, and I’ve still got a lot to do. I’ve laid down all the groundwork, though, and can’t wait to start diving into the specifics. It’s going to be a fun game. The basic plot is that a new drug has hit the streets of Bellingham. It induces a number of effects that are like PCP with a sort of euphoria attached for committing violence. Since it’s a one-shot,  I’m making Pre-Gens for the group, so I’m putting together a group of characters with ties to each other, ties to NPCs in the game, and ties to the story. The players will just need to add names, genders, and personalities.

I’m also working on the next OSR Random Dungeon Challenge rules. This is my third time around creating a random dungeon for teams to compete against each other in. The first two times, I got most of my random tables from places scattered all around the internet and in a number of dungeon building books I have. For this one, I’m developing a system using drop tables and random tables that allows for a cohesive plot while also making a random dungeon. When I’m done with it and have worked out some of the kinks, I have plans to write a whole book full of these kinds of dungeons as well as templates to create your own using the same system.

Lastly, on Tuesday nights I’m playing in a Marvel Super Heroes game set in 1973 somehow or another involving Red & Pleasant Land, though… it’s been very weird so far. There was a giant sphinx, and a portal, and a Spaghetti Western set, and then we prevented JFK’s assassination, if we’re even in the real world, and I think we’re on the way to Vegas with Alice’s psychedelic mushrooms. Or LA, or something… as always, it’s great fun to hang out with my friends and pretend to be - in this case - super heroes.


Stephanie, Contributor

January and February brought the first conventions of the year for me, where I ran the Night’s Black Agents adventure I’m writing for Pelgrane Press, and played a bunch of Apocalypse Engine and Fate games, including Spirit of 77, which was a fantastic blast to play at OrcCon this February.

My Epyllion campaign has ended with the release of thousands of imprisoned dragons into the world! However, we shall return to the world of Dragonia, now renamed as the Age of Humans has begun, long after the Age of Dragons is over, when we start a Dungeon World campaign next week. At least now we know who built all those weird ruins and traps, right? I’m switching roles to player for that campaign, and have decided to play an elderly bard with a songbook written in Draconic-- a language only the most senior of the Dragon Church members can understand.

Concurrent with finally retiring from Adventurers League, I tried getting a weekly Dungeon World campaign off the ground over the winter holidays, but forgot what holiday travel and illnesses do to the calendars of both players and GMs, so it didn’t really get off the ground. I may resurrect it in a few weeks as a Monster of the Week campaign.

My 13th Age weekly campaign has been stalled for about 2 months while my character faces doubt and indecision. We came to a social turning point last week when the other PCs finally pushed mine forward to take action!