Classic Gaming 4 All


About CG4A

Classic Gaming 4 All is an initiative created by former members of the OSR community who have outgrown the term and are looking for a more modern, inclusive, and progressive take on classic tabletop roleplaying games. It is being hosted at ConTessa as an initiative we sponsor and support in the hopes of creating a community of classic gaming fans not only accepting of marginalized people, but also interested in their health, safety, and growth. In short, there are many “dog whistles” in gaming that signal hate, but very few that signal love. Using the CG4A logo does not merely mean you tolerate and accept the existence of marginalized people, but that you actively work to include them in your works both in hiring practices and the work itself.

  • Classic Gaming 4 All replaces OSR on works, and can not be used in conjunction.

  • To use the CG4A logo, authors and publishers must fill out a questionnaire about the work.

    • Answers to this questionnaire will be posted publicly through the CG4A site (here), and CG4A will provide a QR code and shortened URL to print alongside the logo so people can read the answers before purchasing the product.

      • We understand works change during the editing process, we’ll be happy to make any updates to your product’s page before publication. After publication, we ask the pages not be altered, as they each pertain to a single product.

      • This is your opportunity to share with potential readers the work you put in to making your product

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Decides What Products Apply?

Right now, the ConTessa staff will look through the questionnaires and vote on product inclusion. We don’t require finished works, just the answers to our questionnaire. In the questionnaire, publishers will be pitching their product’s inclusive features, themselves. All we’re looking for is basic compliance with filling out the questionnaire properly, and some effort to be inclusive of marginalized identities. The ultimate judge as to whether or not a product is inclusive enough lies with the purchaser.

What’s Wrong With the OSR? Why Does This Exist?

Marginalized members of the OSR are becoming increasingly frustrated with the overall community’s lack of support and overall hostility towards their existence. The OSR/classic gaming space is largely dominated by cisgender heterosexual white males, many of whom have come out against “identity politics” - the kind of politics crucial to the safety, health, and well-being of marginalized people. This problem is so prevalent that in many marginalized communities, ‘OSR’ has become synonymous with the politics of hate.

Can I put BOTH ‘OSR’ AND ‘CG4A’ on my product?

Absolutely not. Doing so would be in violation of the rules associated with using the image.

What happens if someone lies on their questionnaire or is later found to be dangerous?

What games does this cover?