Come Hang Out with Us!

Looking for a place to get a rest at Gen Con? Want to try out a new game you picked up in the exhibit hall? Looking to do some impromptu open gaming with games during some spare time? Not all of our tables are being taken up by scheduled games, so we'd be happy to supply a space for ConTessa supporters to relax and do some open gaming. We'll even have a limited library of board games on hand 


How We Create a Safer Space Together

  • No discrimination based on race, gender identity, sexual preference, religion, disability, or any other form of identity.
  • No hate speech of any sort.
  • Always be respectful of gender pronouns.
  • Everyone has an equal and respected voice.
  • Harrassment or bullying will not be tolerated.

Check out our Friends of ConTessa Page (Link) to learn more about our code of conduct. 



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