Come Hang Out with Us!

We've got some extra tables at the ConTessa HQ so we've decided to open up our space and create a destination for all our friends to relax and do some open gaming. Not all GMs in our Open Gaming Space need to meet ConTessa's eligibility requirements but all GMs and their players must support our Mission.

Why Game with ConTessa? 

  • You support our mission and want to help ensure we get the same size space next year.
  • It's entirely free! We'll pay for the generic tickets to your event for you and up to 7 other players. Seriously. If you want to pay for them, we'll let you, but it's not that much cash and we just want to benefit from you sitting at our tables. 
  • You'll be in ConTessa's "safer space". We can't vouch for every rando in the general vicinity, but you've got a better chance of gaming around less-judgmental people. 
  • You'll get to hang out around some pretty awesome people, if we do say so ourselves!
  • You just bought a really rad new board game in the exhibit hall and you want a place to sit down and try it out with your friends. 
  • You want to run an "off the books" game at an actual table instead of clustered around a coffee table in a hotel. 
  • Your feet hurt and you want to sit down (we have some games you could play while you're doing that). 
  • You really just want a comfortable place to count up all your new goodies and have some chatting time with friends you haven't seen in ages.

How to Play in Our Space

  • Join our Discord server, go to the #looking-for text channel, and let us know when you'd like a table, how long you'll need it, and how many people will be with you.
    • OR, just stop by the HQ desk in front of our space in Lucas Oil Stadium. 
  • We'll ask you to fill out a quick form with some details so we can make the event in Gen Con's system. You can then pick a nice spot to hang in our space! 
  • We ask that everyone be polite and understand the spirit of ConTessa as a source of positive representation. Be kind to each other and share the joy of gaming with everyone, and all will be well. 
  • Of course, we reserve the right to remove disruptive groups from our space. 


Games Available in Our Lending Library

Courtesy of Meeple Muse


Bloodborne: The Card Game        

Valley of the Kings: Last Rites

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival                              

Tiny Epic Western                                         

 Dice City

Dungeon of Fortune                                            

Flip City                                                    


Tiny Epic Defenders                                  

Thief's Market                      


Oh My Goods!                                                        

Ticket to Ride                                          


Frank's Zoo                                                          



King of New York                                              

7 Wonders                  


Veggie Garden                                                          

Belle of the Ball                                                 

No Thanks!                

 ...and Then, we Held Hands.                         


Fleet Wharfside                


Valley of the Kings: Afterlife

Citadels Card Game + Dark City              

Tiny Epic Kingdoms                                        

Valley of the Kings



Tides of Time

Project Dreamscape                          



The Great Heartland Hauling Co.  



How We Create a Safer Space Together

  • No discrimination based on race, gender identity, sexual preference, religion, disability, or any other form of identity.
  • No hate speech of any sort.
  • Always be respectful of gender pronouns.
  • Everyone has an equal and respected voice.
  • Harrassment or bullying will not be tolerated.