Join us at U-Con in Ypsilanti, MI November 17-19, 2017! This year we'll be running Tabletop Games so choose your favorite board game, card game or RPG and run it with us! GMs who run 6 or more hours of events will get a free badge and anyone running 16 hours of games also gets a 'Play Games All Weekend' ribbon that grants access to any event all weekend long!


More About U-Con

U-Con is an annual gaming convention founded in 1988. It attracts gamers not only from Southeast Michigan, but from across the United states and several other countries as well. U-Con offers high-quality events across the spectrum of gaming in a comfortable, functional space

More About ConTessa

At ConTessa, our goal is to change the demographic of gaming "leadership" by running tons of games and events at conventions led by people from a variety of "marginalized" demographics and attended by anyone. No matter how big or small the con, we love showing up and challenging what it looks like to be a GM. Find out more about us on our 'About' page, but don't forget to come back here to submit a game for our program!

Here's what some of our past GMs have said about running an event for ConTessa...

"Absolutely AMAZING.  I ran Pugmire for Kids and would LOVE LOVE to do the same again." -Sarah E.

"I had a blast running games for ConTessa last year at Gencon 2016!! I decided to do it because I wanted to be apart of something so special and pro women. Being a female GM and being surrounded by a whole room of other amazing women who support what I do and who I am was a fantastic experience!! I can't wait to do it again this year for the special 50th GenCon!!!" -Emily D.