Come play Bezier Games' Ultimate Werewolf, Deluxe Edition with ConTessan moderators, in our space on the field in Lucas Oil Stadium! We think this is a great party game, and wanted to play it on a large scale, so each game can be as large as 35 players! At the end of each session, we'll be giving away door prizes and three 'Most Likely to be an Actual Werewolf' awards per game. All players will also get special werewolf-themed badge ribbons to add to their collection. 

Eliminated players will be able to watch from our nearby Werewolf Graveyard, where all the 10-Minute versions of the game are available to play! We'll take breaks between each game, and play as many games in the session as we can. 

To keep things fresh, we've added three events with three different ways to play the game! 

Learn to Play Ultimate Werewolf

Moderators: Stacy Dellorfano & Reece Carter
Time: Thursday, 1PM - 5PM


This event was created for new players who want an introduction to the game, and a chance to get in a few games as well. We'll start out by explaining how the game is played, go through the basic roles, then play a round. Each round after that, we'll add some more roles and explain them before the next game starts, continuing until we've gone over all the roles, and then we'll keep paying until we're out of time.

Ultimate Werewolf for Roleplayers

IDs: BGM18143151BGM18143152
Moderators: Stacy Dellorfano & Mariam Ahmed, Reece Carter
Time: Friday, 2P - 4P

In this game, your moderator will act a little more like a GM. They'll set up a scenario, and encourage players to make up their own identities attached to the cards. Rounds will last longer when necessary to accommodate any roleplay happening, but otherwise gameplay will largely stay the same. 

Ultimate Werewolf: Advanced Games

Moderators: Stacy Dellorfano & Mariam Ahmed, Reece Carter
Time: Friday, 4P - 6P

These sessions are set up for people who know the game well and want a challenge against other people who know the game well. We'll cycle in and out several roles between games, and add extras like artifacts to make the deduction even more fun!