Fundraising Initiatives

The ConTessa Foundation is a 501(c)(3) compliant California Nonprofit Corporation. All donations go toward: scholarships, staff travel, shipping signs and our board game library around the country, pronoun buttons and ribbons, materials for our GMs, and website and email hosting. Every little bit helps!


Donate Supplies

We offer GMing and other supplies to all our event leaders. Our wishlist shows some of the items we need. Pick one to help us out!


Our board game library exists to facilitate social events and to help out board game enthusiasts who might not want to bring their own copy of a game to a convention. We also use it to supplement or become the board game library for conventions that offer them. Picking out a game to add to the library always helps!


Donate Cash

Click below to give us a one-time cash donation.

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Subscribe Monthly

If you’d like to automatically make a recurring donation monthly, follow the links below to create a subscription through Paypal!

Donation Options

We’re also in the process of realigning our Patreon page for monthly contributions in addition to the above, and we frequently run RPG bundles, Kickstarters, and other fundraising projects.

Thanks for Your Help!