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AW / Monsterhearts: The Long Orbit

Timezones are in Pacific. To see the event handily converted to your timezone, click through to the Google+ event

GM: Ariana Ramos
Max Players:  4
System:  Apocalypse World & Monsterhearts
Rating: R (Adult)
Experience Level: None 

To sign up: Leave a comment on the Google+ event stating that you'd like to sign up. Once I get the notification, I'll confirm your signup. 

Please be aware this is a hangout on air, and will be streamed live as well as archived on the ConTessa website. 

The Long Orbit: Simulacra is a role-playing game to be played around a table with friends for the purpose of telling a collaborative space horror story. It draws inspiration from films like Solaris, Sunshine, Event Horizon, Moon, and Interstellar, though it is not necessary to have seen these films to play the game.

The Long Orbit explores human connections and critical moments that save or destroy us in the face of the terrifying unknown. It’s about being an adult and still not knowing what to do. It’s about dangerous choices and following your heart to disaster. And it’s about isolation desperation, survival, love, and horrors inside and out.