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Cobwebs and Cold Steel

Timezones are in Pacific. To see the event handily converted to your timezone, click through to the Google+ event

GM: Kyrinn Eiss
Max Players: 5
SystemYes & No + Unexpected (System 2d6d6)
Rating: R (Adult)
Experience Level: None 

Required Materials: 2d6 and an open text editor, or a pencil and pad of paper.

To sign up: Leave a comment on the Google+ event stating that you'd like to sign up. Once I get the notification, I'll confirm your signup. 

Please be aware this is a hangout on air, and will be streamed live as well as archived on the ConTessa website. 

The confines of the steel and glass tube in which you awaken are reason enough for you to get up and out, to figure out where you are. But, really, who you are, isn't that more important in the long run? Besides that, the sounds of thunder? Explosions? ??? They seem to be getting closer and louder.

You are wearing one of the following:

1). Lab Coat over Office Causal
2). Ballistic Plate Carrier over Fatigues
3). Greasy Jumpsuit
4). Animal Skins and Vegetable Fibres
5). Casual Chic with a Press Badge
6). Street Tough or Emo or Goth

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