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Cypher System Superheroes - Dread Expectations

Timezones are in Pacific. To see the event handily converted to your timezone, click through to the Google+ event

GM: Darcy Ross
Minimum Players: 2
Maximum Players: 5
System: Cypher System
Rating: PG (Teen +)
Experience Level: None, pre-gens provided. 

To sign up: Leave a comment on the Google+ event stating that you'd like to sign up. Once I get the notification, I'll confirm your signup. 

Please be aware this is a hangout on air, and will be streamed live as well as archived on the ConTessa website. 

You are part of a team of elite superheroes known as The Chicago Sentinels. Headquarters has just received word of an attack on the Field Museum of Natural History by those dastardly doers of dread, the Dread Corps! Will our heroes be able to save the day, even in the face of the evil, maniacal Doctor Doom, who cackles as she summons dangers from beyond our planet? Only YOU can discover!