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D&D 5E: City of Danger - a D&D Adventurers League game

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GM: Sarah Richardson
Max Players: 6
System: Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Rating: Adults only! I swear a lot, & we may touch upon some adult topics. There will also be gore if there is a fight. Lots & lots of gore.
Experience Level: None, pre-gens provided. 

Needed Materials: I have pre-gens, or you may bring your own 1st level character if you message me first. Please check the list of character classes below to make sure that the one you want isn’t claimed. We are using the Elemental Evil options. You can use either an online dice roller or physical dice, and I recommend printing out your character sheet. You can find the D&D 5e basic rules here for free (

To sign up: Leave a comment on the Google+ event stating that you'd like to sign up. Once I get the notification, I'll confirm your signup. 

Please be aware this is a hangout on air, and will be streamed live as well as archived on the ConTessa website. 

On the southern shores of the Moonsea, the residents of Mulmaster have eked out a living where others would likely have given up long ago—in a bleak city where corruption is rampant and the Church of Bane holds sway. In these short, introductory adventures, you will travel the breadth of the City of Danger, meet its people, see its sights, and witness firsthand how the city truly has earned its ominous moniker. An introductory adventure for 1st level characters.

This is a D&D Adventurers League Expeditions game, but you can still play if you're not a member of the League. 

Earlier Event: May 17
LotFP: Bitterroot Mountains - 1874
Later Event: May 17