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GM: Tara Zuber
Max Players: 3
System: Fate Accelerated
Rating: PG (Teen+)
Experience Level: Some. Should have an idea how to play in the system. 
Notes: This game was published in Fate Codex, volume 1, issue 7. Pregen characters, also included in that issue, will be available. If you'd like to create your own character, please contact me beforehand.

To sign up: Leave a comment on the Google+ event stating that you'd like to sign up. Once I get the notification, I'll confirm your signup. 

Please be aware this is a hangout on air, and will be streamed live as well as archived on the ConTessa website. 

Everyone in the world deserves one last chance to turn their lives around and become better people. Your team provide such chances. In this Fate Accelerated mash-up of The Christmas Carol and Inception, your team dives into the mind of someone irredeemable, helps them reconcile with the forces that have shaped them, and then, in a series of three one-on-one confrontations, challenges them to redeem themselves. Will you succeed in your mission, or will your client remain a cold and heartless Scrooge?