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Panel: Freelancing in the RPG Industry

ModeratorSarah Richardson
Time: 1PM Pacific / 2PM Mountain / 3PM Central / 4PM Eastern / Other
WhereGoogle+ Hangout on Air
Questions: Ask the panelists questions by leaving a comment on the G+ event page.


Join +Shoshana Kessock, +Brianna Sheldon, and +Michelle Lyons-McFarland as they answer commonly asked questions about freelancing in the RPG industry. We will be taking questions during the panel using the Q&A feature of Hangouts, or you can leave your question in a comment on this page! 

Shoshana Kessock is a game designer and writer and one half of the team that began Phoenix Outlaw Productions. She is the author of games like Dangers Untold and SERVICE and is co-author of theDresden Lives project for Evil Hat Productions and has freelanced for over a dozen companies on tabletop and LARP projects. She hails from Brooklyn NY and can be found online at or on Twitter @ShoshanaKessock.

Brianna Sheldon can be contacted at and @briecs and +BriannaSheldon. I am bad at bios. I've written for Onyx Path, FASA, Margaret Weiss, and the Fate Codex. I might be forgetting one.

Michelle Lyons-McFarland has been both in-house and freelance in the tabletop game industry for fifteen years. She edits, writes, and develops games, and is co-owner of Growling Door Games with her husband, Matt McFarland. 
Contact info:
Michelle Lyons-McFarland on G+

Sarah Richardson works as a freelance graphic artist, providing illustration and graphic design for RPGs like Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Runequest. She plays far too many games and goes to way too many conventions, and has begun dipping her toe into game design.

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