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Panel: Intro to GMing

ModeratorSolange Simondsen
Time: 4pm Pacific / 5pm Mountain / 6pm Central / 7pm Eastern / Other
Where: Google+ Hangout on Air
Questions: Ask the panelists questions by leaving a comment on the G+ event page.

Description: Do you have the urge to run an RPG, but you don't where to start? Alex Roberts, Shanna Germain, A. Miles Davis, and Dani L. will be joining me to talk about how to get started and sharing their advice for new GMs, We'll be taking your live questions, too! 

The Panel:
+Shanna Germain  claims the titles of leximaven, Schrodinger's brat, bisexual brainlicker, and vorpal blonde. She is an award-winning author, editor, and game designer, as well as the co-owner and creative director at Monte Cook Games.

+Alex Roberts  is a story gamer and LARPer, and co-host of the RPG podcast, The Tabletop Superhighway.

+A. Miles Davis  is an avid gamer who has the luck of having a family to play games with him.  He funded the completion of two RPGs: Homicidal Transients and DodecaheDRONE and lives just south of Austin with his wife Amy and their daughter, Alice.

+Dani L.  is a gamer who is new to me, but maybe not new to you. She is an avid reader, consumer of cinema and TV, and gamer who helps organize her local gaming group and loves introducing people to the hobby, new games, and each other

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