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Red Mists: A W:tA Game in Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson World (Exhibition Game)

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Max Players: 6
System: Werewolf: The Apocalypse (System Only)
Rating: R (18+ for Drug Use, Language)
Experience Level: None, pre-gens provided. 

To sign up: This game will be an exhibition game with a group of ConTessa staffers (Sarah Richardson, and Solange Simondsen)  my three co-hosts from Geeky Voices Carry (Christopher Helton, David Rollins, and Josh Thompson) , and special guest and friend A. Miles Davis! 

I will accept sign-ups, however, for alternates in case one of the original attendees can't make it. To sign up as an alternate, leave a comment on the event, and I'll reply with a confirmation. 

I'll also be running a sign-up game on Sunday afternoon for anyone who might not make this one. 

A new drug has hit the streets of Bellingham, WA called BM38, a potent injectable liquid that seems a lot like PCP in some ways, and a lot like heroin in others. It can cause intense feelings of euphoria along with increased strength, heightened perception, and more and more recently, violent tendencies. 

It's thought to be supernatural in nature, threatening to cast a pall on the ongoing public 'outing' of supernatural creatures, not to mention it has the potential to unravel the civilized world as a whole. Where'd it come from? Who's behind it? How do you stop it? Find out! 

We'll be using the Werewolf: the Apocalypse general rules and system for the game, but I've tossed out all of the mythology and setting provided by World of Darkness to instead set the game in Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson series world

You needn't have read the books or know a whole lot about the world to play.

The basics are:

- Werewolves are made, not born (though the tribes and much of the werewolf powers still exist). 

- The fae have been 'out' to the world for a while now, the werewolves are just starting to come out, and the vampires are being kept under wraps (heh). 

- You won't be playing or interacting with any of the characters from the series (though they may be mentioned here and there). 

Those are the very basics, and really all you need to play, but if you love the world like I do, hopefully you'll get a kick out of the game. :) 

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