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The Sundered Lands: Doomed Pilgrim

This is an all-day play-by-G+-post game starting at 7AM Pacific! Jump in at any time to play along with Meg! 

GM: Meguey Baker
Minimum Players: 1
Max Players: 100
System: The Sundered Lands: Doomed Pilgrim
Rating: PG (Teen+)
Experience Level: None required. 

Description: I am a warrior seeking peace and an end to bloodshed. I'm on a pilgrimage to the City of Gulls and the Temple of No Gods. I've arrived at the Ragged Forest alone and bedraggled. I pray I may survive...

This is a play-by-g+-post game in which I play the pilgrim and you, my on-line friends, play the world that endeavors to bring me to my doom.

How It Works: I post bits of text, always ending with a question. Anyone who wants answers. It's a great game in the background for a couple hours of your day. Check in from time to time, or stick right with it to catch every bit of the action.

To play: Meg will start the game on her Google+ profile on November 21st at 7AM Pacific! Follow her on Google+ to join in on the fun. Once the game is live, we'll update this event listing with the link! To get notified by Meg when the game starts, head to the Google+ event page for this game and mark yourself as attending! 

Earlier Event: May 17