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Watch Live! Precious Dark, Ep. 3 Actual Play

Watch live right here or on Google+ Wednesday night at 6PM Pacific (or close to that). 

In episode 2, our group got into the game by drinking a bunch of Weird at the local bar, then going to do some spelunking. They quickly discovered a pit with a giant eye (presumably connected to a giant something-else, which they left in the pit), a whole lot of Weird-Infused crystal, and a couple of psychedelic snails.

When we left our crew last, they'd managed to tame one snail, and all climbed up on it when the other snail fled after a failed attempt at capture. 

Last session was spent largely learning the system. Everyone picked up how the game worked about halfway into the session, so I expect this session will go even smoother now that everyone's gotten a chance to actually play with the mechanics some. 

Join us as we continue playing and developing! 

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