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Watch Live! Precious Dark - Weird Secrets, Episode 4

When we go live on Wednesday, you can watch live right here, or at the event's page on Google+, where you'll also be able to ask questions. 

When we last left our group of plucky cave crawlers +Sarah Richardson, +solange simondsen, +Danielle Lewon, +Felicity Graham, and +Mandy Morbid, they'd discover a few bits of Sympathetic Ooze (and made friends), found an ancient tablet that formed a map of their general environs, then an ancient burial ground with mysterious cave paintings, before they were chased out of the area by a giant millipede looking for a snack. 

Rather than fight the millipede, the party fled, hopped on their recently-acquired prismatic snail, then sacrificed the snail's sibling to the millipede's hunger. 

Down the other branch of the cave, the group encountered a giant lizard with crystals either embedded or growing on its back along with a good sum of mold. Another plot of Sympathetic Ooze saved them by bravely animating a nearby giant lizard skeleton and fighting the lizard to the death.

After, the lizard released sleeping spores into the air, and all but a couple members of the party fell sound asleep... 

...and that is where we'll pick up! Come watch us play my game, Precious Dark, as I develop it 'in public' and 'on air' with a fantastic group of players!

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