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WITCH: a Journey into the Dust Hallow

Join us for an exhibition game of +Liz C.'s new RPG, Witch!

Our players will take a trip into the Dust Hallow and take a tiny peek into the world of WITCH. This will be a diceless game, and will focus on role play and character interaction.

The Dust Hallow

"I have followed the hunt many places and I have spared many lives. Though I may not live as long as those I hunt, I believe that I have grown wise in my age. Not all that has magic is evil and not all that does not is innocent. I have dealt out justice where I have found wrongdoing and regret little. I regret little except one thing, my journey into the Dust Hallow. I took that trip five years ago and the experience is still vivid in my mind...."

This journey will be set in modern times in small town USA, bordering right next to the Dust Hollow. 

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