Friends of ConTessa is our do-it-yourself program for GMs and Event Owners who wish to run events encompassing ConTessa's values outside of our official programs. Unlike our official programs, GMs and Event Owners for Friends of ConTessa events do not have to meet our eligibility requirements, which means cisgender heterosexual white males can run games, panels, seminars, and workshops under the Friends of ConTessa banner. Doing so means the event leader abides by our 'Friends' bylaws, and works to create an inclusive and safe space for all attendees. 

How To Set Up a 'Friends of ConTessa' Event (Game, Panel, etc...)

Anyone can run a Friends of ConTessa game, panel, LARP, seminar, or any other type of event anywhere in the world. At convention centers, libraries, schools, gaming stores... anywhere people come together to game or talk about gaming. 

Signing Up to Run an Event