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[RPG1690631 - Blue Rose] Charity's Price

ID: RPG1690631
GM: Crystal Frasier
Location: ICC 141--142 - 11

Game System: Blue Rose
Game Edition: 2nd

Date: Thursday, August 4 6:00 PM-10:00 PM


Investigate a dirty merchant who's supposedly gone legit. Has he truly turned over a new leaf, or does his charity cover up something more nefarious?

The Sovereign's Finest protect the realm from corruption, both supernatural and all too human, and with the long war with the sorcerous nation of Kern finally at an end, the queen's investigators are busy cleaning the threats within the kingdom that have seen little oversight these past ten years. One of Aldea's infamous merchant princes, Massin Veadel, has a well-earned reputation for illicit dealings and financial malfeasance, but for two years his fortunes have instead enriched many of Aldis's neediest charities! Has Veadel truly turned over a new leaf and dedicated himself to the betterment of the community, or is this yet another scheme to line his pockets? And what of the rumors of his trade in shadow artifacts looted from Kern's fallen leaders?

GM Note:

I'll be providing character sheets and a basic rules primer, as well as pencils and dice. While Blue Rose uses the AGE system, it makes several modifications to better fit the high-fantasy flavor of the setting, especially regarding the magic system. If you're already familiar with the AGE system as used in Fantasy Age and the Dragon Age Roleplaying Game, you'll already be familiar with the basic mechanics, but even if you aren't, the system is simple and easy to learn.

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