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[RPG1687623] Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks

ID: RPG1687623
GM: Lynne Hardy
Location: ICC 141--142 - 1

Game System: Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks
Game Edition: 1st

Date: Thursday, August 4 6:00 PM-8:00 PM


Join us in the Empire of Steam for 1 of 3 thrilling adventures (your choice!). Will you be dashing sailors, daring thieves or something altogether different?

Join us in the Empire of Steam for one of our small (but perfectly formed) demonstration games. Your group has the choice of becoming the crew of a ship (sailing, flying – anything you like!) or a gang of daring jewel thieves planning a big heist. Alternatively, you could create your very own characters from scratch and take them for a whirl!