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[RPG1687773 - Fate Core] The Princess Lives!

ID: RPG1687773
GM: Tara Zuber
Location: ICC 141--142 - 5

Game System: Fate
Game Edition: Core

Date: Thursday, August 4 7:00 PM-10:00 PM


The princess lives! Now only she can stop her cousin's coronation & save the galaxy. Just as soon as you all break out of jail. This is a fast-paced & irreverent space fantasy.

In the far future, the monarchy began to crumble when unknown forces killed the queen and princess, leaving behind a grief-stricken and sickly king. Luckily regents stepped in and kept everything running. Only, their idea of "running" isn't so awesome for anyone who isn't a regent or somehow royal. In just a week, their rule will be cemented when the princess's cousin is crowned Queen. Clearly, the galaxy is doomed. Except...some say the princess lives. And those believers sent a crew to find her and bring her back in time to stop the coronation. The problem is that finding her? Was the easy part. Fate Core space fantasy to save a galaxy in under three hours of game play. Characters will be provided.