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[RPG1689920 - One Last Job] Saving the World One Last Time

ID: RPG1689920
GM: Emily Morgan
Location: ICC 141--142 - 9

Game System: One Last Job
Game Edition: 1st

Date: Thursday, August 4 6:00 PM-10:00 PM


A team of grown up magical girls/boys have to get the team back together to save the world from evil 1 last time - but can they move past the events that caused them to fall apart to begin with?

One Last Job is an improv heavy system where we create each other's characters and history through play. In this setting, we'll create a team of magical girl styled persons who stopped moonlighting as heroes because of a traumatic event in their past (that we'll also create). This game is a light hearted romp through magical girl tropes and saving the world from having the color and life leeched from Lady Fuzzfur is begging for your help!