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[RPG1689925 - D&D 5E] Play With Your Kids: Pixies on Parade

ID: KID1689925
GM: Dan Dillon
Location: JW 314 - 3

Game System: Dungeons & Dragons
Game Edition: 5E

Date: Saturday, August 6 8:00 AM-12:00 PM


An ancient bogeyman sends his heir to corrupt a town's pixie defenders and lead a dark parade of nightmares. Now, only the children have a hope of standing against fear and freeing an innocent boy.

The Pixie Parade is a time-honored event, drawing tourists to the small town of Glavost every year. For these peaceful folk it is a grand feast and excuse for fun, but centuries of tradition leave the origins shrouded in mystery. The citizens are soon to discover all their fairy tales are true. A brave group of pixies keep the Nightmare King at bay as part of an ancient pact. Now, the bogeyman sets his heir against the defiant fey. When the long-lost boy returns home to lead a final parade, only the town's children have a hope of victory. Can they turn the fey lord's magic against him? Can they stand against fear and free an innocent boy?

GM Note:

Character sheets will be provided.