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[RPG1692529 - Axon Punk] Hijacked Highway

ID: RPG1692529
GM: Emily Reinhart
Location: ICC 141--142 - 13

Game System: Axon Punk: Overdrive
Game Edition: beta

Date: Thursday, August 4 6:00 PM-10:00 PM


Brand new cyberpunk sci-fi game set in a dystopian world 70 years in the future. Ultralight, narrativist rules geared toward player improvisation, story-telling & collaboration.

Help us test and promote our new game! Axon Punk: Overdrive is a narrativist, sci-fi roleplaying game set in a cyberpunk world 70 years in the future. The goal is to produce the experience of reading Gibson's 'Neuromancer' while watching 'Ghost in the Shell' and listening to all of Janelle Monae’s Metropolis Saga. The game's ultralight mechanics are geared toward player improvisation, story-telling and collaboration in a gritty, dystopian world hyper-infused with digital/neural connections. Try out a taste of the system in a fast-paced demo where your team is hired to intercept the transfer of a corporate scientist on the mega-highways of the future. Play one of the game's five classes: Hacker, Engineer, SlumMerc, Cyberized, or Artificial Intelligence (A.I., also called Ghosts).

GM Note:

Thank you so much for registering for an Axon Punk: Overdrive demo with ConTessa! We are thrilled to be at ConTessa's Gaming Night and we really appreciate your support. The game is still in the development phase and please feel free to email the writers at if you have questions or would like more information. Also, checkout our Facebook group, Twitter account (@AxonPunk) and website (