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[RPG1692537 - Pathfinder] Play With Your Kids: The Sweetest Secret

ID: RPG1692537
GM: Savannah Broadway
Location: JW 314 - 5

Game System: Pathfinder
Game Edition: 1st

Date: Saturday, August 6 8:00 AM-12:00 PM


Three baker ponies hire the PCs to retrieve rare items for their newest cake. When they return, the PCs find that the ponies' arguing has summoned a sour soul.

The PCs must restore harmony between friends and defeat the malicious spirit. Parfait and her friends are too busy running their shop to get the ingredients they need for their cake, so they hire the PCs to retrieve them. Each of three baker ponies asks them for a different item. During the mission, the PCs encounter a number of unexpected troubles along the way including a greedy young bear, a mischievous faerie dragon, and a destructive air mephit. After acquiring all the ingredients, the PCs return to find the baker ponies in a huge fight with each other. Their arguing causes a sour soul to appear and wreak havoc. The PCs must get the baker ponies to work together to restore harmony between the friends and defeat the malicious spirit

GM Note:

Thanks for registering! Pre-generated characters will be provided.