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[RPG1693884 - Pathfinder] Mystery of the Fanglord Hunt

ID: RPG1693884
GM: Susan Pratt
Location: ICC 141--142 - 16

Game System: Pathfinder
Game Edition: 1st

Date: Thursday, August 4 6:00 PM-10:00 PM


You're invited to participate in a legendary hunt, but soon the event is darkened by a suspicious death! Players will need all their skills to find the murderer & chase down their dangerous prey.

Local legends abound about the fabled hunt at Fanglord Manor, an exclusive event where powerful competitors battle to bring down their prey. Unfortunately, this year's event has been beset by murder! Adventurers will travel in disguise to Fanglord Manor to investigate suspects, participate in the hunt and battle ferocious enemies. Unfortunately, some dark secrets will prove lethal if uncovered. Are you up to the challenge? Players can expect an equal mix of roleplaying and encounters as they complete this mystery. Characters are provided and game system will be taught to inexperienced players.