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[WKS1687245] Women-Only System Design Boot Camp

ID: WKS1687245
GM: Stacy Dellorfano
Location: Crowne Plaza - Hay Market A

Date: Saturday, August 6 6:00 PM-9:00 PM


Whether your intent is to build a game for publication or personal use, building a game system can be a fun & interesting exercise. We'll split up into groups and make some games!

This collaborative, interactive workshop is open to anyone who identifies as a woman to offer a unique creative and collaborative environment. We'll split attendees up into groups of around 5 women who will walk through a templated creative process. At the end of the session, we should have a number of systems ready to be playtested! Workshop includes a lengthy inspirational document filled with game mechanic ideas to further extend your system design mastery.

GM Note:

Hello all!

Thank you for registering for the System Design Boot Camp! This will be the fourth time I've run this particular workshop. It's fun, quick, and helps offer a frame for your ideas. You can get more details at my info page here:

Bring something to write with, and your imagination!