It's That Time Again! 

Event Submissions for Gen Con 2018 open January 7th! This year, ConTessa will be hosting some awesome themed gaming blocks as well as a few times where GMs can run whatever they'd like! 

GM Badges

GM badges are available to anyone who submits a total of 10 volunteer hours. You can split this up however you like between running games, panels, and working at our registration desk! We have some of the lowest requirements at Gen Con, so be sure to check us out! Most of our events allow you to run any game or adventure you like. We'll take care of getting your events set up, getting you players, and getting you a badge. You just have to show up and run your game! To apply for a GM badge, first submit your events below, then submit your volunteer/gm badge application. 

Panels, Seminars, Workshops, Etc...

As always, we're excited to let you moderate any additional content you like! We're looking for panels, seminars, workshops, and supplemental events that cover topics from getting into gaming to creating and freelancing in the gaming industry. If you're passionate about your topic, we'll be passionate too! Simply use the Event Registration form below to submit your idea. We'll take care of getting it submitted and help you out if you need to flesh out the idea or get guests for your panel. 

Main ConTessa Space Schedule (Subject to Change)



10am-1pm Open Gaming

No theme, just run your favorite RPG, Card or Board Game!

1pm-5pm Dungeon Crawl Classics Battle Royale

We're hosting a Dungeon Crawl Classics Tournament! Each GM will run players through a dungeon designed for level zero characters while several bands of adventurers will take their chances completing each one. Players with surviving characters after completion of every dungeon will square off in a final challenge to determine the winner!

To help judge this event, contact Bailey at!

6pm-12am Women's Game Night

Come run your favorite RPG Card or Board Game!


10am-2pm Learn to Play BIG GAMES

Bring your big ol' board games and hunker down for some dedicated play. This time is for those board games you have that are super fun but you rarely get to play since they require a substantial time commitment to learn and play. Don't have a game like that? That's fine, any board games are welcome. 

2pm-6pm Board Game Tournaments

Join us for some board game tournaments! 16 total players for each game (King of Tokyo, 7 Wonders, Splendor, and Tsuro) will square off for a game. The winners of those four will then square off against each other. The final winners for each game will then participate in a rock-paper-scisssors game to determine the all-around winner! Prizes TBA. 

6pm-12am ConTessans of Color Game Night

Come run your favorite RPG, Card or Board Game!


10am-2pm Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League

Details TBA

6pm-12am QueerTessa Pride Night

Come run your favorite RPG, Card or Board Game!


10am-4pm Open Gaming

No theme, just run your favorite RPG, Card or Board Game!