What is ConTessa? 

ConTessa is an organization dedicated to bringing more diversity to the tabletop gaming space through the power of positive representation. All our GMs, moderators, and facilitators come from historically underprivileged groups such as people of color, women, the disabled, and anyone who falls on the LGBTQ+ rainbow. We run most of our events in our space on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium with the exception of panels, workshops, and LARPs which are all typically run in adjacent hotels. 

While we have eligibility requirements for who can GM or moderate with us, anyone can be a player, attendee, or special guest. We frequently feature panels with a range of identities represented. For a more detailed explanation of what we're all about, check out our 'What We Do' page. 

What We Expect From Attendees

We ask that our players follow the convention's Code of Conduct, and to treat their GM, event moderator or facilitator with respect and kindness. Our GMs put a great deal of work into mastering the adventures they choose or writing their own adventures (and often whole games!) Our moderators spend months finding the right guests and putting together content, and our LARP facilitators often write much of their own content. As a guest at these events, all we ask is for you to be respectful, kind, and polite. 

The only real 'rule' we have beyond following Gen Con's Code of Conduct is that we ask no one to question the identity of the event owner or anyone else for that matter. If your event owner wants to talk about their identity, they will. Please don't ask. 

Last Year's Events

To get a better idea of what we do and who we are, take a look at these pics from last year's Gen Con 50 event!