5:00 pm17:00

Get paid to make belief: a how to guide to TRPG freelancing

Facilitated by Kiel Chenier and others TBA

Freelancing in the tabletop roleplaying game industry has never been easier. This panel outlines steps & guidelines to getting freelance work writing, editing, laying out, & illustrating games.

How to break into the tabletop game industry as a freelancer. Panelists share their stories and experiences working in this ever-changing industry, offering concrete advice to people looking to pursue freelancing as a writer, editor, producer, and/or artist. How much can you expect to make? What are the best practices when it comes to contacting publishers? Which publishers should you avoid? How to make the best first impression. All of these questions and more will be answered.

Game Code SEM17108912

12:00 pm12:00

Getting Attention: Publicity for Game Designers, Companies & Stores

Facilitated by Beth Rimmels & Christopher Helton

Learn how to get attention for your game business. With years of journalism and publicity experience, Beth Rimmels and Christopher Helton will teach you how to draw an audience.

Creating a great game or running a successful store is only half the battle. People have to know about it but cutting through the noise to get attention is getting harder and harder. Beth Rimmels and Christopher Helton have been on both sides of a publicity pitch due to their backgrounds in journalism and the game industry. Learn what to do and what not to do while promoting your business or product.

Game Code SEM17112669

Christopher Helton is a game designer and co-publisher of the ENnies Award winning tabletop role-playing company Battlefield Press. For over thirteen years he has written about gaming, comics, music and more at the Dorkland! blog. He has written for the Bleeding Cool, EN World and Outland Entertainment websites, combining cultural criticism with the historical background of gaming and comics. He has podcasted and recorded actual play videos for his YouTube channel. He is a near life long fan of the pulps, horror and dark fantasy fiction, and wishes that he had much more time for reading. He resides in St. Petersburg, Fl and has speaking in the third person is a hobby.

8:00 pm20:00

Paladins in Petticoats: Lolita Fashion in Nerd Spaces

Facilitated by Jacqueline Bryk

Lolita is a popular, extremely feminine Japanese fashion that evokes the Rococo era. It's often misunderstood in the West, especially when one is both a Lolita & a nerd. So what is it, exactly?

A mix of "what is lolita" and "how does it apply to me", this seminar will cover lolita 101, the history of the fashion, the different substyles, and why you probably shouldn't treat your local lolita like your personal paper doll (though you should definitely make friends with us). There will be ample time for questions and exploration of an outfit, or coordinate, at the end.

Game Code SEM17108914

Jacqueline Bryk is a freelance writer and game designer from Delaware. She is a bisexual poly ciswoman, and her pronouns are she/her, though "Sovereign/your majesty", "hey you" and "[incomprehensible eldritch noises]" are also acceptable. Though she's only 24, she's no stranger to the industry, having won the Golden Cobra Award for Most Convention-Ready Design and being a featured guest at BreakoutCon 2017. Apart from her self-published anthology Queer Gaymes, Jacqueline has written for Onyx Path Publishing, Galileo Games, Helmgast AB, and Damocles Thread Development. Jacqueline straddles the line between rules-light story games and crunchier tactical OSR games with style and grace, and is super happy to be running Talislanta, Bright and Terrible, and more with ConTessa at GenCon50!

9:00 am09:00

Tabletop Gaming 101: Starting the Journey

Panelists: Teri Litorco & others TBA

Facilitated by Emily Danvers & Bailey Nichols

How do I find a group? How do I keep my group together? What game do I want to play? Answer these and more with our panel of experts!

Join author and gamer Teri Litorco and others in learning how to get yourself into tabletop gaming! Maybe you have a passion for it but no one to play with yet. Maybe you can't seem to keep a steady group together. Maybe you have no idea where to start in gaming. This panel will give you tips and tricks on how to get a group going and keep it running smoothly.

Game Code: SEM17114203

3:00 pm15:00

Running RPGs for Kids

Facilitator: John Harness

Panelists will provide advice and information for running Tabletop RPGs with children from the perspective of designers, parents, and educators.

Game Code SEM17113956


BJ Hensley is the founder of Playground Adventures, she is a fan of family togetherness and is dedicated to ensuring that both her family and others have creative outlets they can share together. When she isn’t hard at work furthering the goals of PGA she can be found working with a variety of other publishing companies as an editor, author, marketing adviser, Kickstarter manager, website/layout designer, and occasional artist/cartographer.

Eloy Lasanta has been designing RPGs for kids and families for years, including Mermaid Adventures and Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes. All of this has culminated into his creating a brand new universal system, the Pip System, that makes it easy to introduce young players to RPGs while still engaging and entertaining veterans to the hobby. He’s excited to talk RPGs for Kids this year at GenCon!

Shao Han Tan runs Curious Chimeras, an independent RPG design group in Singapore. The Chimeras blend games, art, and education, to create games where people can express their imaginations and learn a little about themselves and the world. Shao Han will share some of his experiences and observations in designing and running games for kids and families from a wide variety of social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in Singapore.


Olivia Ryan is a 13 year old GM. She's been gaming since she was a kid with her parents and brother. More recently, she's been more involved with working with Monte Cook Games as a GM! She is also a voracious reader and an avid writer.