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Get paid to make belief: a how to guide to TRPG freelancing

With Beth Rimmels & Christopher Helton

Freelancing in the tabletop roleplaying game industry has never been easier. This panel outlines steps & guidelines to getting freelance work writing, editing, laying out, & illustrating games.

How to break into the tabletop game industry as a freelancer. Panelists share their stories and experiences working in this ever-changing industry, offering concrete advice to people looking to pursue freelancing as a writer, editor, producer, and/or artist. How much can you expect to make? What are the best practices when it comes to contacting publishers? Which publishers should you avoid? How to make the best first impression. All of these questions and more will be answered.

Crowne Plaza: Grand Central Station D

Game Code SEM17108912

Beth Rimmels has been a contributing writer and/or editor for RPG projects ranging from Flying Buffalo’s “CityBook VII: King’s River Bridge” to 5th Epoch’s latest release, “The Vampire Codex.” Raised a geek long before geek was cool, she’s been an entertainment journalist as well as a movie critic/A&E editor for the Long Island spin-off of The Village Voice. Her comic book column, “Stripped,” led to her being a judge for The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. Currently she’s a social media marketing manager and creative consultant in the game industry, e-commerce and tech fields, and is the creator of the multi-setting role-playing game, Awesome 8’s from Rising Stars Press. She's also one-third of the new podcast, The Literate Nerds. 


Christopher Helton is a game designer and co-publisher of the ENnies Award winning tabletop role-playing company Battlefield Press. For over thirteen years he has written about gaming, comics, music and more at the Dorkland! blog. He has written for the Bleeding Cool, EN World and Outland Entertainment websites, combining cultural criticism with the historical background of gaming and comics. He has podcasted and recorded actual play videos for his YouTube channel. He is a near life long fan of the pulps, horror and dark fantasy fiction, and wishes that he had much more time for reading. He resides in St. Petersburg, Fl and has speaking in the third person is a hobby.