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Running RPGs for Kids

Facilitator: John Harness

Panelists will provide advice and information for running Tabletop RPGs with children from the perspective of designers, parents, and educators.

Crowne Plaza: Victoria Station C/D

Game Code SEM17113956


BJ Hensley is the founder of Playground Adventures, she is a fan of family togetherness and is dedicated to ensuring that both her family and others have creative outlets they can share together. When she isn’t hard at work furthering the goals of PGA she can be found working with a variety of other publishing companies as an editor, author, marketing adviser, Kickstarter manager, website/layout designer, and occasional artist/cartographer.

Eloy Lasanta has been designing RPGs for kids and families for years, including Mermaid Adventures and Infestation, An RPG of Bugs and Heroes. All of this has culminated into his creating a brand new universal system, the Pip System, that makes it easy to introduce young players to RPGs while still engaging and entertaining veterans to the hobby. He’s excited to talk RPGs for Kids this year at GenCon!

Shao Han Tan runs Curious Chimeras, an independent RPG design group in Singapore. The Chimeras blend games, art, and education, to create games where people can express their imaginations and learn a little about themselves and the world. Shao Han will share some of his experiences and observations in designing and running games for kids and families from a wide variety of social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds in Singapore.

Olivia Ryan is a 13 year old GM. She's been gaming since she was a kid with her parents and brother. More recently, she's been more involved with working with Monte Cook Games as a GM! She is also a voracious reader and an avid writer.