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Safety & Calibration Techniques in LARPs

Facilitated by Maury Brown

Safety & Calibration tools help players establish boundaries during a LARP. Participants will learn about several techniques, then practice them in short role-play scenarios, ending with a debrief.

Players in LARPs have varying experience, abilities, triggers, and comfort zones, both physical and emotional. Trigger and content warnings help, but how do you ensure players feel safe and are able to consent to the roleplay they want and opt-out of what they don't? What do you do when a boundary is crossed, or a player becomes overwhelmed during play? Safety and Calibration Mechanics are tools designed to help players feel comfortable with each other and with their own needs and boundaries. We will introduce and model the system of safety and calibration mechanics we designed for New World Magischola, some of which have been adopted at End of the Line, Convention of Thorns, and Dystopia Rising, among others. You'll learn about the techniques, what they are designed to do, the assumptions and research behind them, as well as why they are important.

Crowne Plaza: Victoria Station C/D

Game Code WKS17108911