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Bite-Size Games

Sponsored by Meeple Muse

Join us for some games that are quick bites. Board games, card games, and party games you can learn in a jiff, as well as tabletop RPGs with pregens, simple rules, and quick gameplay. Start your day with a simple bite of games!

Bright & Terrible: Scions of Atlantis

GM: Dani N   System: Bright & Terrible - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17112666

With the Atlantean boot no longer on their backs, the human kingdoms rejoice & throw off their puppet kings. It is this world in which you, the last Children of Atlantis, wash up from the Sea. For ten thousand years, Atlantis ruled the Earth. From the winged children of Black Aerie to the ophidian witches of Graven Reach to the merchant princes of Bazzan, every human bent knee to the Empire of Air and Darkness. But now, Atlantis has fallen. Rumors spread of the Sea of Sorrows boiling and rising to drink the shining towers, or of Mount Bleak exploding in a rain of hellfire, or of an impossible tempest surrounding the isle. Only one thing is certain: for a decade, the indigo triremes of the Atlantean fleet have not stopped to call in the kingdoms of humanity, nor has any vessel sent to trade or treat with them returned. With the Atlantean boot no longer on their backs, the human kingdoms rejoice and throw off their regents and satraps, entering an age of giddy prosperity and bloody war. It is this world in which you wash up upon the shore of the Sea of Sorrows.

Noisy Person Cards

GM: Luke E   System: Noisy Person Cards - 1st Edition   Game Code: BGM17112657

Paracosm Press' party game to help discover weird & fun voices that you can use at the table. Come be an uncomfortably sexy lich king or a kobold down a well. 

Kick Ninja Butt in San, Ni, Ichi!

GM: Elise S   System: San, Ni, Ichi - First Edition   Game Code: BGM17105429  

 A quick trick-taking card game where you are a martial artist who has mastered combat using the elements & engages in a thrilling battle to determine who is the ultimate ninja master! In San, Ni, Ichi game cards represent attacks aligned with 3 different elements (fire, water, and wood). Each element is strong against one and weak against the other, forming a rock-paper-scissors arrangement. The cards also have numbers on them that represent the strength of the attack. Players start out with a hand of cards and during a round take turns playing cards on other players, forming a stack. Cards placed on the stack must adhere to the strength/weakness rules (that is, a card can only be played on top of a card if it "beats" that element). At the end of the round the player with highest-numbered card showing takes their whole stack and adds it to their damage pile, and the next round begins. At the end of several rounds the player with the least damage is declared the ninja master and overall awesome person (also known as The Winner).

Play-Doh Monster Battle Arena Go!

GM: WJ MacGuffin  System: Clay-O-Rama - 1st  Game Code: BGM17121888

In the dark past, nations fought wars to settle conflicts — but no longer. Instead, we create monsters out of Play-Doh and have them settle our differences by fighting in the Monster Battle Arena! (Hey, it’s better than guns and stuff.) Build your monster with actual Play-Doh, fight in the arena, and lead your nation to victory! Based on the venerable Clay-O-Rama rules, you’ll take a role as a country with a grievance. Then you'll create a fist-sized monster out of Play-Doh (which is provided). Depending on how you build it, your monster will have different kinds of speed, attacks, and special powers. Finally, you'll enter your monster into the arena and have them all fight to see who wins!

Haunt This House

GM: Jaqueline B System: Monsterhearts - 1st Game Code: RPG17123453

You're an unholy creature of the night, lurking in your abandoned dark abode. Unfortunately, some college kids decided to break in for a party. What to do with these unwanted houseguests...You have lived (or unlived as the case may be) in the derelict old Whitaker Estate for as long as you can remember, hiding from an outside world unkind to your supernatural presence. But you couldn't keep the outsiders out forever, and a group of community college students have decided this is the perfect place for a party. Will you be the life or death of the party? Will you reach out to these kids, or drive them out? Either way, it's time to put your haunt face on.

The Buzz Downstairs Sold Out!

GM: Dani N   System: Cats of Catthulhu - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17105427

 Through your feline eyes (yes, you play cats!) you must discover the mystery behind your uninvited house guests. Light on horror, big on fun! Something is abuzz in the manor as Mistress is bitten by an insect not from this world! You play the cats, from the pampered purebred to the scrappy alley cat, trying to solve this mystery and save your house from this new danger. This game is low on horror and big on fun! PC (Player Cats) and all materials provided. No experience needed in this rules light, light hearted RPG.

Gods of the Fall: Rite of Spring Sold Out!

GM: Amancay K   System: Cypher - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17105426  

40 years ago the gods of the world fell from the sky. Players discover their own emerging godhood as they defend a pregnant woman & her divine child. 

Hanabi Sold Out!

GM: Tracy W   System: Hanabi - 1st Edition   Game Code: BGM17105428  

A simple card game turned inside-out! You and your team need to work together to create the best fireworks show. It's easy - you just have to work together to stack the cards by color and number. The only problem? You can see everyone else's hand, but not your own! New and experienced players welcome!

Nefarious Sold Out!

GM: Jennifer R   System: Nefarious - 1st Edition   Game Code: BGM17109998

Are you an evil genius? This board game allows you to play a mad scientist, conduct corporate espionage, & build inventions to take over the world. Nefarious is a short game with reasonable rules. 

Sushi Go! Sold Out!

GM: Emily D   System: Sushi Go! - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17111130

A delightful card game with adorable art based around getting as much sushi as you can. What's not to love? Sushi Go! is an easy to learn card drafting game where the objective is to strategically give yourself as many points as possible while also keeping your opponents from collecting points.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms Sold Out!

GM: Wendy D   System: Tiny Epic Kingdoms - 1st Edition   Game Code: BGM17116970

Come build your empire. A small sized 4x board game where you compete with other players grow your kingdom.


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