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Dungeons & Derivatives

Get back to the basics with a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl! All versions of Dungeons & Dragons are welcome in this block, along with fantasy-based dungeon crawl games based off the legendary first game. 

God of Valor

GM: Rachelle B   System: Dungeons & Dragons - Edition 3.5   Game Code: RPG17107583

The cloister of the God of Valor is under siege! A blackgaurd & his devourer ally are leading an army of wights against the valiant paladins who defend the cloister. You are their only hope! 

Dungeons & Diasporas 

GM: Shao Han Tan   System: The Nightmares Underneath - 1st   Game Code: RPG17124661

Blends horror, Middle Eastern myth, & classic dungeon crawls into a thrilling mix! The horror elements in this game will be limited to what you'll see in a PG-13 movie.

Where in the Worlds is Waldo Egbert III?

GM: Juanita D System: The Strange - 1st Game Code: RPG17118898

Programmer genius, Waldo Egbert III has avoided everyone but his online buddies and the pizza delivery guy for years, but now it seems he's vanished! With a mind like that, there's sure to be trouble!

Return to Flavortown

GM: Quinn W System: Flavortown - 1st Game Code: RPG17122642

You're among the chosen. The Big Guy is coming back to town today & you have to cook his homecoming meal. Embark on a modern mythical journey & cook the bangin'-est meal that's ever been cooked.

Death House Sold Out!

GM: Dylan Malenfant   System:   Dungeons & Dragons - 5th Edition   Game Code: RPG17106578

The introductory adventure to the Curse of Strahd. When 2 children ask you to help get the monsters out of their house, sometimes they should be taken seriously.

The One Who Watches from Below Sold Out!

GM: Bailey N   System: Dungeon Crawl Classics - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17107591

The only thing standing between your present circumstances and a life of fabulous wealth is a pesky, slumbering elder god with a penchant for consuming entire worlds! Will you brave the Temple of Shigazilnizthrub and emerge with fat purses and tales of legend or will your sanity be stretched beyond its limits with your body becoming fodder for the voracious acid worms? All are welcome to test their mettle in this level 1 DCC Adventure!

The Legend of Tom Cruise's Thighs Sold Out!

GM: John H   System: Swords & Wizardry - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17113285

Princess Lily has touched the Unicorn & brought on a new era of Darkness. Join Jack & a glitter-covered cast of elfs & fairies in a quest to relive the 1980's most homoerotic fantasy film.

Zaya's Promise Sold Out!

GM: Stacy D   System: Swords & Wizardry - 3rd Edition   Game Code: RPG17107585

Long ago, a whole town and the valley it inhabited disappeared. Rumors persist that the town was swallowed up by a sea of brambles & the valley made uninhabitable. Dare you seek what lies inside? Run by the creator! Zaya's Promise was published by Frog God Games for the Swords & Wizardry 3rd printing. The adventure features a constantly shifting dungeon that plays differently every time in a fun house wonderland dungeon that's just as deadly as it is fascinating.

The Tower of Dr. Kranis Sold Out!

GM: Richard R System: Whitehack - 2nd Edition   Game Code: RPG17107578

The twisted servants of Dr. Kranis have been kidnapping people from your village. You'll need to all the help you can if you're going to search out his hidden tower & bring everyone back alive. The astrologer's tower stood hidden in the trees off the main road for generations. Generations of local villagers played there as children before Dr. Kranis moved in. The former royal apothecary left the court in disgrace before coming here, and now your friends are disappearing in the night and the forest around the tower is becoming dark and strange. You've come here to this tower to bring them home, no matter what it takes.

Trouble in Thornberg Sold Out!

GM: WJ MacGuffin System: Dungeon World - 1st Game Code: RPG17121889 

You know Thornburg, right? The mayor said she’s having some trouble with ... I dunno, I’m guessing it’s orcs. It’s always orcs, init? Go there and see if there’s any trouble what needs slaying.  And keep what you steal off corp... er, what you find just lying about in dusty dungeons and all that. Dungeon World is the award-winning game that takes old-style D&D and updates it with a fresh outlook. Powered by the Apocalypse World engine, the rules are more simple and include bonds to foster cooperation and roleplaying between players. But don’t worry, you’ll still be crawling through a dungeon. Well, most likely walking with occasional running. Oh, and stopping to loot bodies.

The Real World: Alexandrea Sold Out!

GM: Lori P  System: Dread - 1st  Game Code: RPG17122563

The true story of 7 strangers picked to live in a house, have their lives taped, and survive the zombie apocalypse ...see what happens when zombies stop being polite and start getting real. Have you ever wondered what would happen if zombies were actually real? How would you survive? Dread system asks players to reveal their characters' abilities, shortcomings, personalities, and fears. Bring your imagination and Jenga skills to this years's 50th anniversary of Gen Con.

The Star of Wyndover Sold Out!

GM: Angela M  System: Dungeons & Dragons - 5th  Game Code: RPG17122230

Your team has been sent to recover the Star of Wyndover, a relic to determine the fate of the land. It lies hidden in a forgotten monastery full of danger while another team races you to the prize. The queen is dying and war looms as she refuses to choose an heir. Instead, she has declared that the heir will be chosen by the Star of Wyndover, a lost relic once used to choose the wisest of leaders. You and your companions have been tasked with recovering the relic and given the Star’s last known location, a forgotten monastery once tasked with keeping it safe. Unfortunately, nothing can be simple and you have learned that the queen’s treasonous, exiled son has also hired a team to recover the relic. Can you recover the relic before the evil Prince’s team does? What dangers lie in wait within the dusty halls of the forgotten monastery? Can it even be recovered before the queen succumbs to her illness?

There's Something in the Library Sold Out!

GM: Mara D  System: Dungeons & Dragons - 5th  Game Code: RPG17123030

Strange sounds of a player piano have been heard echoing from the ruins of the old campus library. You have all been sent in by the local paranormal investigator's guild to figure out what's going on. Think Ghostbusters meets Shaun of the Dead. Chances of your character dying and coming back as a zombie or a ghost: likely.


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