Play a game while it's still being created! Playtesters run their own or other's games still in development. Optionally attend our panel on how to be an effective playtester whether in the GM's seat or player's seat before the games at 10AM! 

Assault on Castle Ravenvania

GMs: Bailey N & Clea B   System: Dungeon Crawl Classics - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17112661

Race against the clock to prepare for the big showdown. Both tables will merge in the final hour of event. The Prince of Darkness has arisen again! Two bands of tested vampire hunters drawn from across space and time race to recover the arsenal of holy artifacts secreted away within the Vampire Count's own castle before he can manifest his physical form in this world. In 4 of your earth hours he will summon you to the pinnacle of Castle Ravenvania's highest tower to battle for the fate of your world. --- Assault on Castle Ravenvania is a level 4 DCC adventure drawing on classic and not-so-classic vampire tropes in a timed tournament-style game spanning two tables of up to 6 players each. Points will be awarded for surviving rooms, accumulating treasure, defeating the Dark Lord, and if you are lucky destroying his mortal form. The highest scoring players will be awarded medallions of honor to wow the vampire-slayers back home.

The Incompetent Watchmaker

GM: Stacy D   System: Lamentations of the Flame Princess - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17112671

Bern, Switzerland, 1639. The ancient city is under siege by a menacing clockwork plague that no one knows how to stop. Stop it or be infected, yourselves! This game is an early playtest of both adventure and sourcebook I'm in the process of working on for James Raggi and the Lamentations of the Flame Princess line of adventures. Come explore Bern and help make the adventure better!

Spiders & Souffles

GM: Savannah B   System: Pathfinder - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17112664

Several drow have all come into the same unexpected inheritance: a once-esteemed eatery & a large debt. Now the hunt is on for a mysterious recipe book to save the restaurant - & their lives. Several drow have all come into the same unexpected inheritance: the once-esteemed eatery, Aganistra's, and a large debt against it to a local gang. Now, in order to pay off their new deficit, the party must band together to find their deceased relative's stolen recipe book to revitalize the restaurant and save their kneecaps from the gang's enforcers.

Earth Needs Rockstars

GM: Camdon W   System: Risus - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17110110

Aliens have come to Earth. The armed forces of the world are powerless. Diplomatic measures have failed. Science doesn't understand them. Humanity has only 1 hope left: Earth needs rock stars. You and your band watch as aliens come to Earth. The armed forces of the world are powerless to stop them. Diplomatic measures have failed. Science doesn't understand how to fight back. Humanity has only one hope left: Earth needs rock stars.

Teen Crush - Teenage Supers Who Want to be Heroes

GM: Tracy S   System: Savage Worlds - Explorer Edition   Game Code: RPG17112665

You are a group of teenage super-hopefuls. Your mentor, Captain Crush™ is captured by the notoriously bratty Bubble Pop Princess. Can you rescue him and graduate from hopefuls to heroes? YYou are a group of teenage proteges to world famous superhero Captain Crush™. He’s insufferably superior, and comically flashy. Nevertheless, he has turned you into a well-oiled superhero team. But on your last day of mentorship, Captain Crush™ is looking mysteriously ill on the closed circuit monitor he uses to communicate with you. Right before your eyes, he is subdued and captured by a wacky band of misfit super-villains led by the notoriously bratty Bubble Pop Princess. Can you save your mentor and prove your worth as world-class super-heroes? The fate of the world, not to mention your lucrative sponsorship, hangs in the balance! This will be the first public test of a new one shot adventure I plan to run at cons throughout 2018. Pre-generated characters will be provided. Players of all genders / gender identities are welcome

Love is a Battlefield 

GM: Kiel C System: Snow Witch, Shield Maiden - Beta Game Code: RPG17107670

A cursed battlefield, a princess on the run, pursuing orcs, a wizard with a grudge, and a crazy love-struck goddess! Now is the time for heroines! A playtest of Snow Witch, Shield Maiden. Snow Witch, Shield Maiden is an LGBT+ inclusive tabletop fantasy game that balances combat, romance, intrigue, and exploration in equal measure. This playtest adventure takes players to the Crushed Rose Fields, the flowery overgrown site of an ancient battle between the forces of good and evil. It's in this cursed but beautiful place that players must track down a missing princess-regent before other sinister parties find her. In this playtest both the 'paramour' and 'experience orb' rules will be tested as players fight, boast, lie, persuade, and flirt their way through a series of fantastical challenges.