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Tabletop RPGs 101

Whether you're new to tabletop roleplaying games all together, or just new to a specific type of game, this block is dedicated to learning new games. Catch up with our crew earlier in the day for a companion panel on the ins and outs of creating your own roleplaying group! 

Mind Trip Sold Out!

GM: Elizabeth D   System: Doctor Who - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17112843

The Doctor is missing! Could it be daleks? Could it be angels? Could it be the Master? Could it be all 3?! 

TeleConn Sold Out!

GM: Anna K   System: Doctor Who - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17111139

The Doctor needs your team's help! There is a mysterious signal in the Time Vortex that's mucking up his navigation & it's making the locals act a little strangely. The Doctor needs your team's help! There is a mysterious signal in the Time Vortex that's mucking up his navigation, and it's making the locals act a little strangely. Play as consultants from the Time Agency and help the Doctor figure out who is signaling the Time Vortex.

Fate's Fell Hand Sold Out!

GM: Clea B   System: Dungeon Crawl Classics - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17113278

Thee wizards battle for mastery of reality but with each new day all gains are lost and the game begins anew! It is up to your band of level 2 adventurers to upset this balance! 

Sailors on the Starless Sea Sold Out!

GM: Bailey N   System: Dungeon Crawl Classics - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17107695

A Level 0 Adventure that pits a mob of adventurers against the legacy of the Chaos Lords. Delve beneath the crumbling ruins where death and treasure awaits in equal measure! This is an introductory adventure for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. Your mob of level 0 adventurers will be pitted against the legacy of the Chaos Lords and their corrupted hordes. Delving beneath the crumbling ruins you will discover ancient crypts, a starless sea, and treasures untold...if you can survive! All players are welcome! 

The Case of the Doping Dolphin: A Teen Detective Mystery Sold Out!

GM: Tracy S   System: Fate - Core Edition   Game Code: RPG17110666

Aqua HS star swimmer Sara Lloyd has been accused of cheating. Can your group of teenage detectives discover the truth? Is Sara Lloyd, star swimmer of the Aqua HS Dolphins and local community volunteer, a cheater? The adults are convinced she did it, and a trip to the Olympic Trials hangs in the balance. Luckily, Sara has an intrepid group of sleuths among her classmates. Surely they can uncover the real truth! This is a teen detective mystery set in a fictional setting much in the tradition of the Veronica Mars television show. Pregens will be provided. We will use the FATE CORE rules systems with a few setting rules specific to the teen detective genre. No experience is necessary; rules will be taught.

Tigers & Magicians & Conspiracy Theories Sold Out!

GM: Dylan M   System: Feng Shui - 2nd Edition   Game Code: RPG17107693

When a tiger gets loose during a magic act, of course the police have questions. It's just a question of getting back to the station in tact. Simple. 

Her Tomb Aquatic & Eternal  Sold Out!

GM: Bowah L  System: Blue Rose - AGE  Game Code: RPG17122562

Centuries ago, a dread sorcerer was secretly entombed beneath the seaside city of Elsport. Now, the heroes must navigate a world beneath the waves to keep her evil spirit from being released. Delsha Artanis, the sorcerer queen, ruled the evil Empire of Thorns centuries ago, her tomb's location lost to time and tide. A new city, Elsport, was built over the ruins of the old and the tomb itself slipped underwater, forgotten -- until now. Shadow cultists are seeking to unseal the tomb and capture Artanis' magical essence. Thankfully, the Knights of the Blue Rose are on the cultists' tail -- but they need the help of seaworthy and ocean-wise heroes to plumb the depths and scout out the ruins.

Shuuta Stay or Shuuta Go? Sold Out!

GM: Amudha V System: Star Wars - Edge of the Empire Game Code: RPG17124439

Adapted from the beginner game! Learn a new system & decide whether to save Mos Shuuta from the clutches of the empire or escape? On the Edge of the Empire you and your compatriots have crossed the wrong Hutt. With storm troopers around every corner, bounty hunters looking to make a pretty penny with your head, will you be able to escape the scum and nerf herders of Mos Shuuta? Or will you stay and rid the world of such a treacherous villain? Characters and Dice will be provided!



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