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Women's Game Night

For the third year in a row, we'll be running a game night with games entirely run by women! This year, instead of running games for four hours, we're expanding the game night to six hours, and allowing 2, 3, 4, and 6 hour games within that block!

Magical School Girls

GM: Emily R System: Domina Magica Game Code: RPG17123805

Play as Magical Girls as well as school girls tackling the evils of enemies and homework!!

Shuuta Seen it Coming  Sold Out!

GM: Amudha Venugopalan   System: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire  Game Code: RPG17123454

You've escaped, now what? In Mos Shuuta you and your companions have broken out of Teemo the Hutt's holding cells, only to realize you're sitting ducks without a ship to escape. Can you find a way out of Mos Shuuta? Or will you be crushed between Teemo's lackeys and the Imperial Forces?

Power Puff Rescue Sold Out!

GM: Dani N   System: Cypher - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17107666

The Power Puff Girls are missing & it's up to their delinquent cousins (You!) to save the day! You'll play underdog cartoon super heroes ready to make a name for themselves. All of Townsville is in a panic as the Power Puff Girls are missing and there's no one to keep the criminals in check. This is the moment your team has been waiting for...time for the Power Puff Girls' delinquent cousins to save the day! Using the Cypher System, you'll play cartoon superheroes and fight crime. BAM!

TeleConn Sold Out!

GM: Anna Kaas   System: Doctor Who - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17107595

The Doctor needs your team's help! There is a mysterious signal in the Time Vortex that's mucking up his navigation & it's making the locals act a little strangely. A Doctor Who Role-Playing Adventure - Play as consultants from the Time Agency and help the Doctor figure out who is signaling the Time Vortex.

The Oakhurt Blight Sold Out!

GM: Rachelle B   System: Dungeons & Dragons - Edition 3.5   Game Code: RPG17107658

A blight has begun spreading through the town of Oakhurst. The town cries out for heroes to help before all is lost. Will you be able to figure out the cause & find the solution? 

The Princess Lives! Sold Out!

GM: Tara Z   System: Fate - Core Edition   Game Code: RPG17107662

The princess lives! Now only she can stop her cousin's coronation & save the galaxy - just as soon as you all break out of jail. This is a fast-paced & irreverent space fantasy. In the far future, the monarchy began to crumble when unknown forces killed the queen and princess, leaving behind a grief-stricken and sickly king. Luckily a regent stepped in and kept everything running. Only, her idea of "running" isn't so awesome for anyone who isn't a regent or somehow royal. In just a week, her rule will be cemented when the princess's cousin is crowned Queen. Clearly, the galaxy is doomed. Except...some say the princess lives. And those believers sent a crew to find her and bring her back in time to stop the coronation. The problem is that finding her? Was the easy part. Fate Core space fantasy to save a galaxy. Characters will be provided.

Just an Urban Legend Sold Out!

GM: Susan S   System: Iron Kingdoms - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17107655

In this steam-powered fantasy world, players become embroiled in a missing persons investigation. They soon discover that nothing is black & white in the gloomy city of Corvis. Experience the gritty, magical, steam-powered world of Iron Kingdoms Full Metal Fantasy RPG. Privateer Press took their old d20 setting and made a rules system all their own based on their popular wargames Warmachine and Hordes. Players in Just an Urban Legend become embroiled in a missing persons investigation in the gloomy city of Corvis.

Blood in the Chocolate Sold Out!

GM: Shannon S   System: Lamentations of the Flame Princess - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17108896

The Netherlands, 1617. Chocolate has gone from a strange drink in the New World to a sensation in Europe. 1 woman is responsible & her secret resides deep in the stone walls of her factory. Merchants from France have come to the player characters with an offer. These merchants cannot replicate Lucia's chocolate recipe and so cannot replicate her success. They need cunning and able-bodied burglars to break into the Castillo Chocolateria and steal Lucia's secrets. Beware, this adventure is anything but sweet. Mature content. Pregens will be provided. Lamentations of the Flame Princess "Old-School" rules will be used, no experience necessary.

Orc Hospital Sold Out!

GM: Wendy R   System: Protocol - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17107647

Orc Hospital is a story game about a hospital run by orcs. Patients, doctors, nurses, & even hypochondriacs meet, love, learn, die, & eat human babies. & sometimes, they save lives. Orc Hospital is a story roleplaying game about a hospital run by orcs. As patients come and go inside the hospital, doctors, surgeons, nurses, and even hypochondriacs meet, love, learn, die, and eat human babies. And sometimes, they save lives. Orc Hospital is a snarky homage to TV medical dramas where medicine comes last but falling in love is forever. This session is sponsored by Post World Games, creator of Protocol. Players will receive a PDF Protocol game scenario for your enthusiastic participation. Everyone will walk away fully capable of running Protocol at your next game night. No prior GMing experience needed. Keywords: story game, roleplay heavy, rules lite, no dice, no stats, Protocol RPG, indie game, humor, comedy, mature participants.

Zaya's Promise Sold Out!

GM: Emily D   System: Swords & Wizardry - 3rd Edition   Game Code: RPG17112653

Long ago, a whole town and the valley it inhabited disappeared. Rumors persist that the town was swallowed up by a sea of brambles & the valley made uninhabitable. Dare you seek what lies inside? Zaya's Promise is a twisting, confusing, labyrinthine dungeon crawl that's a new experience every time you play it! Come for the promise of loot and glory, stay for the puzzles and riddles all seasoned with a heavy dose of nostalgia.

The Midnight Sea Sold Out!

GM: Jacqueline B   System: Talislanta - 4th Edition   Game Code: RPG17107657

A Black Savant has come seeking aid (probably) at the Lycaeum of Cymril. They may have found a family artifact in the lower realms. Sadly, no archmages can be spared - but what are star students for? Black Savants are the silent descendants of a mysterious people called the Thane, who were wiped out by the Great Disaster. It is said that to see one is to die, or at least to invite murderously bad luck into one's house. So what happens when one strolls into the largest magical academy on the continent? You give them whatever they want, of course, and hope they don't plan to stay. Luckily, they don't. All they want is an accompaniment into the oceans and darkness at the end of the world--and they're willing to pay for the privilege with something more precious than gold.

Into the Black Sold Out!

GM: Angela M   System: Uncharted Worlds - 1st Edition   Game Code: RPG17107668

A Powered by the Apocalypse game of space opera. Bring your love of your favorite sci-fi epic & help bring the galaxy to life. You've got your skills, your wit, and the ship you and your team fly through the empty darkness between planets. So what if the strange object you picked up on that last planet is humming with a weird energy and people are shooting at you to try and take it away. This is just any other Thursday, right?

Uncharted Worlds is a Powered by the Apocalypse game of Space Opera. Bring your love of your favorite sci-fi epic and help bring the galaxy to life.

Bump in the Night Sold Out!

GM: Jacqueline B  System: Dread - 1st  Game Code: RPG17122559

You are a child's beloved toys whose belief in you gave you life. But something hidden in her bedroom closet threatens to steal hers, and only you can stop it. When Lacey isn't looking, you come to life. You, her beloved toys, were born through her imagination. She's a very imaginative girl, and that's why her parents don't think much of her complaints of a monster in her closet. But you have a perspective they don't. You have a unique perspective on reality and existence. And you know that time is up. Mom and dad aren't going to fix this; it has to be you. Navigate your way around the family home and try to figure out how to finally stop the monster for good. But be wary, the beast isn't the only threat; should the humans catch you out of place, you will never come to life again.

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