Getting Involved


As a Volunteer GM / Event Owner

The full content of our events is created by the many ConTessans who volunteer their time and energy to our goals of representation. Though we'll often offer tracks and themed events, we encourage all our volunteers to create the events they want. That means you can run whatever game you like using whatever system you like, run panels on whatever topics you're interested in (and we'll help you get panelists to boot), and think out of the box to create whatever kind of events make you passionate about gaming. 

What we do for you: 

  • Submit Your Events to the Convention
  • Actively Promote Your Event
  • Provide On-Site Support for Your Event in a Safer Space
  • Provide GM Incentives and Thank-You Gifts

...all you have to do is show up and run your game, panel, workshop, LARP, or other event!

To get involved as a GM/Event Owner, stay tuned to our events page, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and/or sign up for our GM/Event Owner Newsletter. 

As a Player / Attendee


As a Convention


As a Publisher