GM a Game for ConTessa at Gen Con!

We've got a few spots left to GM a game at Gen Con for the ConTessa crew!

We only require a 5-hour Commitment: 
Four hours GMing on Thursday night from 6P - 10P and one hour on Thursday morning from 11A - 12P for our Keynote.


women peoples


Run a tabletop game of your choosing!


GenCon - Indianapolis, Indiana


Thursday July 30, 2015, 6pm – 10pm


All GMs get a gift bag with our thanks! Includes T-Shirt, Lanyard, and Buttons!

Badges Available! We have some GM badges available for GMs who run a game during our game night AND volunteer for our registration desk OR run another type of event any time during the convention as a ConTessa event (a panel, workshop, seminar, etc...)

Network With Other Women Who GM! You'll be running your game in a large room with many other women.

Because your awesome will make ConTessa more awesome thereby exponentially increasing your awesome, setting off an awesomeness chain reaction that will engulf the entire world. Also, because it is fun and you get a T-shirt.


Email us at

We look forward to seeing you at Gen Con!