ConTessa @ Queen City Conquest 2018

September 7th - 9th 2018

Buffalo Niagara Convention Center
153 Franklin St, Buffalo, NY 14202, USA

Join ConTessa for some radical representation this September at Queen City Conquest, located in Buffalo, NY! QCC is a fantastic small convention in Buffalo run by a passionate and diverse group of gamers who put on a fun and entertaining show featuring a wide variety of games. If you're looking for a great con to get lots of gaming at, this one's for you!

We'll have a 6-table safer space at the convention center, dedicated to ConTessa gaming. As with all our events, GMs who choose to run with us get an awesome 'thank you' bag complete with a ConTessa t-shirt and access to all our event extras such as dry erase vinyl map boards on all our tables, access to our safer space with backup from helpful and friendly staff members, door prizes and freebies for players, and access to our board game library (leave yours at home!). 

We allow our GMs to run whatever RPGs, board games, card games, or war games they want! To sign up to run your game with us, take a look at the schedule below and submit your event using the button under that block. You'll also need to purchase a badge from the Queen City Conquest site on Tabletop Events to get into their system (hotel information can be found at the same link).

GM Badges: GMs who contribute a minimum of 12 hours GMing altogether (meaning, not all of your events have to be ConTessa events) will get their badges reimbursed by the con!

Already have events submitted you want to move to our space? Contact Stacy at stacy@contessa.rocks with links to your games in Tabletop Events, and they'll get you set up!



★ Schedule of Events ★

Friday, September 7th

12p - 2p

The ConTessa Social

Curious about what we do and who we are? Want to meet some other ConTessa GMs or hang out with friends you've met at other conventions? Come to our Social where you can meet other ConTessans, talk to the staff, play board games, and socialize! At 1:45, we'll gather all our GMs together for a group picture before the rest of the con begins!


2p - 4p

Ultimate Werewolf

Open to all ages! Players are welcome to join or leave at any time between games. Play the ultimate game of furry deduction with Bézier Games' Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition. Villagers must determine who the werwolves are before the werewolves eliminate all the villagers. We'll play multiple game during this timeframe with door prizes and badge ribbons no matter whether you win or lose. New players welcome, we're happy to teach the game!

5p - 11p

Open Scheduling

Open scheduling for RPGs, board games, miniature games, card games, and whatever else you can imagine in 2-hour blocks!


★  ★  ★


Saturday, September 8th

9a - 1p, 2p - 6p, 7p - 11p

Open Scheduling

Two and four hour blocks available. 


★  ★  ★


Sunday, September 9th

9A - 12P, 1P - 5P

Open Scheduling

Two and four hour blocks available.