Run an Event for a ConTessa Convention

We are currently accepting applications for events falling on a few specific days towards the end of 2015 (The weekend of November 21st and December 5th) as well as one-off events that can be scheduled anytime the event organizer would like to run. 

We only have two general rules for our events: 

  1. ConTessa is about the women, so an event leader must identify as a woman. Men may participate in the events as audience members, players, and panel participants, however events must be owned and led by women. 
  2. Panels, seminars, and workshops should be directed towards an audience of women interested in becoming leaders and creators within the tabletop gaming industry. We particularly like events that offer practical advice, helpful how-to information, and opportunities to learn new skills. 

If you have any questions prior to submitting your event, please send us an email with any of your questions. A ConTessa staff member will contact you within about 24 hours of receiving your email. 

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