Kiel Chenier

"ConTessa is one of the most positive and inclusive organizations and conventions around. Their 'gaming forward' and 'women forward' focuses encourage women not just to be gamers, but game designers as well."

- Kiel Chenier of Dungeons & Donuts

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Stacy DellorfanoAbout
Monica Marlowe

"ConTessa may focus on women in gaming, but it provides a safe and nurturing place for gamers of all identities and ages. ConTessa spotlights the diversity among games, the players, and the game designers. Without such a network like ConTessa, the gaming community can be a dense and difficult terrain to traverse for women, non-binary, LBGTQ, and other non-traditional individuals."

- Monica Marlowe of Know Direction

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"The game I played in at Gen Con (Lynne Hardy, running her own game, Cogs, Cakes, and Swordsticks) was one of the best and smoothest convention games I've ever experienced. The scenario was an interesting open-ended mission and the GM gave us just the right mix of direction and freedom. All the players were focused on the group experience and engaged in the action."

- Matthew

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